Kitten Questionnaire

Traditional kittens are $1600. Mink Kittens are $1800.
Breeder/show quality kittens with rights are $3500
Current Adult breeders are $2000.
Retired Adult breeders for pets are $500.

Once you have filled out the questionnaire, please send a text to Sonya if you do not receive an email response within 48 hours. 470-667-two two two two

I hereby agree that this data will be stored and processed for the purpose of establishing contact. All deposits are non-refundable. While every effort is made to ensure availability, there is no guarantee that your new kitten is in the intended litter. Queens can have smaller than expected litters, newborn kittens may not survive, etc. If FTR is unable to provide a kitten from the intended litter, my deposit will transfer to the next litter, and continue until an acceptable kitten is chosen. I understand that if approved, my deposit is non-refundable and that FTR makes no guarantee on availability, color or patterns. I authorize FTR to transfer my deposit to the next available litter should a kitten not be available from my intended litter.*

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