Our Kings

All of our King and Queens are HCM and PKD negative through genetic testing.

PlushPalace Diamond Dust "Midnight"

Current King

Midnight is a seal mitted traditional Ragdoll, carrying chocolate and dilute.

CutiePawTootie Twix

Current King

Twix is a cinnamon point mink, carrying dilute. Twix is available for sale as a proven stud to an established cattery already carrying cinnamon lines.


Retired from FTR 2021; currently a stud at
Casterly Rock Ragdolls

Hershey is a sealpoint mink, carrying chocolate and dilute


Retired 2021

Oliver is a blue high mitted bicolor, carrying chocolate

Our Queens

All of our King and Queens are HCM and PKD negative through genetic testing.

AboveAllDolls Gemma

Current Queen

Gemma is a seal mitted Torbie (Lynx+Tortie) Sepia, carrying dilute and chocolate

FluffNTumble Loretta "Nova"

Current Queen

Nova is a blue mitted traditional Ragdoll

AboveAllDolls Snickers

Current Queen

Snickers is a seal mitted Tortie Mink, carrying dilute and chocolate

CasterlyRock Luna


Luna is a blue mitted mink with a large blaze, carrying chocolate

Luna is retiring in 2022. She is available to be adopted as a retired breeder. Her fee is $600. Inquire about availability.

FurryTailRags Cocoa

Current Queen

Cocoa is a seal point sepia, carrying dilute, chocolate and cinnamon

FurryTailRags Smores

Current Queen

Smores is a seal bicolor traditional, carrying dilute and chocolate

HeavensRagdolls Pretzel

Current Queen

Pretzel is a chocolate lynx bicolor mink

CasterlyRock Kahlua

Current Queen

Kailua is a seal mitted traditional, carrying dilute and chocolate

FurryTailRags Tiramisu

Future Queen

Tiramisu is a chocolate point mink, carrying dilute and cinnamon


Retired Queen 2021


Retired Queen 2021

Giselle "Ellie"

Retired Queen 2022


Retired Queen 2021

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