FurryTailRagsGiselle "Ellie"

Seal high-mitted bi-color traditional, carrying dilute

AboveAllDolls Gemma

Seal mitted torbie Sepia, carrying chocolate and dilute

FluffNTumble Loretta "Nova"

Blue mitted Traditional

Our Raggies

AboveAllDolls Snickers

Seal mitted tortie Mink, carrying dilute

CasterlyRock Luna

Blue mitted Mink with blaze, carrying chocolate

CutiePawTootie Twix

Cinnamon point Mink, carrying dilute

Our Queens


Our Kings

All of our King and Queens are HCM and PKD negative through genetic testing.

PlushPalace Fancy "Caramella"

Chocolate point Traditional

PlushPalace Diamond Dust

Seal mitted Traditional, carrying chocolate and dilute


Future Queens


Blue high-mitted bi-color Traditional

RNRRagdolls Ruby "Mocha"

Seal bi-color Mink, carrying dilute

AboveAllDolls Hershey 

Sealpoint Mink, carrying chocolate and dilute

AboveAllDolls Stella

Seal mitted Traditional

Why are some "names" in quotations? Some of our Ragdolls came to us as adults, therefore already registered with their given names. When coming to our cattery, we changed their names. The name in quotes are the names they respond to, but their legal name remains on their TICA registration. Think of them as "nicknames". We provide both here so you can follow the parentage if you get one of our kittens.