We are so excited about our new Stud Room! Our boys spend their evenings in their stud room, and days in our home with their stud pants (to keep them from spraying but allowing them to enjoy their people, too)! 

Sonya G.


I work from home as a graphic designer with my company, Dazzle Design Graphics, and my husband Mike and I run an inflatable/party rentals business, We Got Bounce. I am also a face painter, and own Creative Illusions Face Painting & Henna. I spend time at home refinishing furniture through our company, Junk Rejuvenations, and love creating something new from someone else's junk. We have five kiddos, ages 11 through 23, and one grandchild on the way in 2020, so our jobs are never done, nor is life ever boring!

FurryTailRags Giselle "Ellie"

Sepia Seal Mitted Torbie
carrying chocolate and dilute

AboveAllDolls Gemma of FurryTailRags

It was a cold winter day in Texas when I arrived at a shelter to pick out a kitty. I sat on the floor in front of the open cages, and Chandler walked over and plopped himself on my lap. The owner told me this was a snowshoe baby, about eight months old, who was rescued from a ravine near their facility. Chandler rolled over on my lap and bared his belly and purred and purred. He was the softest and most relaxed kitty I had ever held - so silky. He went home with us that night. Afterward, with further research, we determined that he was not a snowshoe at all, but a Ragdoll. It was love at first touch! He has since passed on, and after years of rescuing and fostering, and lots of consideration, I decided to start breeding. 

Our sweet, but hefty blue bi-color boy Oliver, and our adorable seal mitted Stella are the first of our parents in our breeding program. We have added the sweetest male sealpoint mink Ragdoll, Hershey, to our program in June 2018.  We also added a STUNNING female seal mitted sepia torbie, Gemma, to our program in August 2018, with the ability to produce minks and sepias in blues, seals, chocolates, reds, creams and lilacs. Our plush seal bi-color with blaze female, Giselle, has also been added to our breeding program. She is the daughter of Oliver and Stella and has the most amazing coat! In addition to our five Ragdolls, we also have a rambunctious female Pug, Maycee, and stunning black male German Shepherd, Max. Our oldest daughter just added the cutest blue merle Aussie, Sadie, and we are all in love. We also foster for a local dog rescue group, and a portion of every kitten sale is donated to a local cat rescue group!

Our kitties are underfoot and have 24/7 access to their humans. Babies and momma are separated from the other furry members of the household in the nursery, and kittens are introduced to the household when they are around eight weeks of age and vaccinated. We love our fur babies as much as our human babes, and they are very spoiled! All of our kings and queens are HCM negative.

Our small cattery is registered with TICA under the name FURRYTAILRAGS. This is my fairy-tale life with Ragdolls, hence the play on words when I created "FurryTail" Rags. Our goal is to provide healthy, well socialized and loving Ragdolls that feature the best traits of the breed. We are committed to finding only the best homes for our babies and we look forward to meeting you!

Traditional Blue high mitted Bi-color

Traditional Seal mitted 


Mink Sealpoint
carrying chocolate and dilute

Traditional Seal high mitted Bi-color
carrying dilute

AboveAllDolls Stella of FurryTailRags

Our Cattery

AboveAllDolls Hershey of FurryTailRags