FTR Recommendations

Now what?

Whether you want the grain-free or with grain food, Life's Abundance all-stages cat food is a must! If you decide to switch kitty to a brand of your choosing, please consider purchasing a small starter bag in order to properly transition your new baby to avoid upsetting their sensitive tummy, causing vomitting and/or diarrhea.

At FurryTail Ragdolls, we used LA food (and often switch between grain and grain-free) for more than a year before we decided to join the LA team as a field representative. We believe in this food - and our Ragdolls love it. Their coats are shinier and smoother, poops are less smelly, and while it is more expensive than some store brands, our Ragdolls consume less as it's packed full of nutrition instead of fillers. We believe in the food so much so that we have extended our health guarantee to 24 months when kitty stays on LA food. Purchase online directly from LA - shipments are received in 2-3 days!

Must Haves

Litter boxes!

Our kitties have been trained with many boxes - high sides, low sides, covers, side entry, top entry... whatever you use, please be sure you have at least one box per level of your home, and at least one per kitty PLUS one extra box (which ever is greater!)! For example, if you have two levels in your home, but you have two cats, you'll want at least three boxes. If you have three levels in your home, but only one cat, you'll still need at least three boxes. This ensures good potty habits - and trust me, you do not want to start bad habits with your newly trained kitten. Our kittens use the Litter Robot, but since we know that expensive unit isn't in every budget, we have a few litter boxes included below which we highly recommend. These are products that we actually own and our cats also use (in addition to the LitterRobot)!


We use Frisco ultra clumping Odor Defense cat litter in all of our cat boxes, and for our older kittens in our Litter Robot. In our multi-cat household, this litter is a MUST HAVE!! We have tried every litter on the market (practically) and this is the BEST at controlling the smell. We are on a monthly auto-delivery through


Many of our new kitten families are first-time cat owners (or it's been years since they have had a furry feline companion) and are not sure what to get in order to prepare for kitty's arrival! With so many products on the market, it can be a little overwhelming, so we have tried to make it a little easier for you. We have put together a list of must-haves, and some of our favorite products and recommendations.