A limited number of deposits are now being accepted for our upcoming 2020 litters!

If you would like to be added to our wait list, please click on the adoption questionnaire above. Once we have determined that we are a good fit for your needs, we will send an invoice for the deposit. Cash and cashiers check deposits are $200. Paypal deposits include an additional $10 service fee. Deposits guarantee first choice, second choice, et al, from our next litter(s). If no kitten from the next litter is acceptable or available, client will get next choice from the following expected litter until an acceptable kitten is selected. This list is updated frequently. Pending deposits are listed below when invoices have been sent out. We allow 5 business days to submit payment before the spot is given to the next person in line. Please do not submit payment for a deposit until an invoice is received as we are accepting a limited number of deposits at this time. A deposit must be received in order to be added to our waiting list. If we have available kittens after our wait list has made their selections, it will be opened to our Facebook followers and then to the general public until all kittens have been reserved.

Please click on the "contact us" form if you have any questions! Thank you!  -Sonya

Giselle and Hershey 2020:

Planned for June 2020 mating. If a pregnancy is confirmed, kittens are expected to be ready late October/early November. We anticipate 4-8 kittens and all will be mitted ragdolls! Kittens will be traditional or minks, with seal and blue colors possible, possibly carrying chocolate. Traditional kittens will be $1200 and mink kittens will start at $1500.




seal colorpoint

Mink Ragdoll

Stella and Hershey 2020:

Planned for August 2020 mating. If a pregnancy is confirmed, kittens are expected to be ready just before Christmas.  We anticipate 4-7 kittens, all seal in traditional or mink. Pointed, mitted and bi-color patterns are possible. Traditional kittens will be $1200 and mink kittens will start at $1500. Breeder quality kittens start at $2500. 

Most of our kittens are reserved before they are even born! If you are interested in placing a deposit on a future kitten, please fill out the kitten questionnaire and we will be in touch!

Traditional kittens are $1200. Mink kittens are $1500. Deposit on pet quality kittens is $200. Breeder kittens start at $2500. Breeder deposit is $500. All deposits are non-refundable and not transferrable once a specific kitten has been selected.

ELLIE - Queen
seal high mitted bi-color

Traditional Ragdoll

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$200 deposit is required to hold your kitten with balance due upon possession.

All kittens come up to date on vaccinations, are litter box trained, cat tree/scratch pad trained,

and come with a 12 month health guarantee. Our health guarantee is extended to 24 months if the kitten stays

on Life's Abundance food (see our link here from this site).

Are you interested in adopting one of our babies? Please fill out our new kitten questionnaire.

Once approved, we will send you an invoice for the deposit which is required to hold your kitten.

Full payment on balance is required when taking your kitten home. Deposits are non-refundable.

STELLA - Queen

seal mitted
Traditional Ragdoll




seal colorpoint

Mink Ragdoll


1st choice : Siyuan (Gemma's litter)

2nd choice : Karen F (Gemma's litter)

3rd choice : Kelly M (Gemma's litter)

4th choice : ​Carol M (Gemma's litter)

5th choice : Robert F (Gemma's litter)

6th choice : 

On hold : Melanie 

​On hold : Nancy Y 

List updated 5/26/2020