and our pets

​How FurryTail Ragdolls is affected by COVID-19

Get help with your questions on COVID-19, our pets and the transmission. We have linked the following helpful information for pet owners. Many other sources are available online if the following links do not address your specific concerns.

I hate to use this word, but we really are living in unprecedented times. Until we are confident that the health risk to our kittens and resident animals is low, FTR is halting all home visits until further notice. At this time, our Ragdolls and their FTR owners have remained healthy.

​Kitten pickups are being done "car-side", where our clients do not have to leave their vehicles. In the mean time, we would be happy to provide videos of our kittens, FaceTime or audio phone calls, or coffee (or wine!) dates to discuss in person. We also have many, many references from happy families who have previously welcomed FTR kittens into their homes, and are happy to provide this information to our prospective families upon request (or you can find them on Facebook!). We appreciate your patience and understanding. -Sonya

Are our pets at risk for transmission?