Midnight and Mocha 2021:

This mating occurred in Jan 2021. If mating was successful, babies will be ready to go home June/July 2021. We anticipate 3-6 kittens. Babies will be traditional or mink in blue or seal with chocolate or lilac possible; possibly carrying dilute and/or chocolate. Pointed, mitted and bi-color patterns possible.

This mating occurred in Dec 2020. Ellie is healthy and expecting; babies will be ready to go home May/June 2021. We anticipate 4-8 kittens, all mitted. Babies will be mink and traditional in seal and/or blue, with lilac or chocolate possible. 

All of our current litters are reserved! Most kittens are reserved before being born.

 Nova and Hershey - kittens born New Year's Day 2021!

This mating occurred in Dec 2020. Gemma is healthy and expecting; babies will be ready to go home May/June 2021. 100% of the kittens will be mink Ragdolls. We anticipate 4-7 kittens. Babies will be seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, flame or cream with lynx, tortie and torbie possible; carrying dilute and chocolate. Mitted and pointed patterns possible.


Twix and Caramel 2021:

This mating is expected to occur in early Spring of 2021 with babies ready to go home mid 2021. We anticipate 3-6 kittens. Babies will be mink or traditional in seal and chocolate, with lilac and/or chocolate; carrying chocolate and dilute. 100% of the babies will be colorpoint.



Twix and Gemma 2021:

Purple - female

traditional blue mitted

Twix and Ellie 2021:

Blue - male

traditional blue mitted


Dad is a sealpoint

mink Ragdoll

carrying dilute and chocolate

Mom is a blue mitted

traditional Ragdoll

Photos of kittens at 6 weeks old. 
Ragdolls will come into their full coloring at 2-3 years of age.
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$200 deposit is required to hold your kitten with balance due upon possession.

All kittens come up to date on vaccinations, are litter box trained, cat tree/scratch pad trained,

and come with a 12 month health guarantee. The health guarantee is extended to 24 months if the kitten is kept

on Life's Abundance wet and dry food; link provided here on our site.

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Once approved, we will send you an invoice for the deposit which is required to hold your kitten.

Full payment on balance is required when taking your kitten home. Deposits are non-refundable.

Black - male

traditional blue mitted


Pink - female

traditional seal bicolor


Yellow- male

traditional bluepoint




Brown - male

traditional sealpoint